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Profile of guides and leaders


Till date Odati Adventures Pvt Ltd. has depended, for support and advice, mostly on outdoor leaders who understand the participants’ requirements, psyche and are well versed with the outdoors. These leaders have been freelancing for Odati Adventures or are employed with Odati Adventures. Many of our freelancing leaders are either employed with a corporate or run their own businesses and command a high degree of respect amongst our client. 

Jayesh Morvankar is an active promoter of terrestrial based adventure activities. He is an engineer (B.E.-Biomedical; 1992 - Mumbai Univ.) and an MBA (MMS – Mktg; 1995 - Mumbai Univ.) with his soul in the idea of introducing as many people to the outdoors.
An ex-advertising person, Jayesh did his Basic Mountaineering Course (March 2000) from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) with an “A” grade. He has a rich experience of leading high altitude treks in isolated locations of Himalayas; Himachal Pradesh (Spiti, Kullu), Ladakh (Nubra, Stok Valley, Zangskar - Summers and Winters, Markha, Suru), Sikkim (Rathong, Prek Chu, Yambong), Arunachal Pradesh (Dirang) and Nepal (Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Base Camp). In 2007 he reached the summit of Chamser Kangri (6623Mtrs) in remote Ladakh following up with Mentok Kangri 2 (6250Mtrs) in 2010. In 2010-11 he also went on a Caving (Spelunking) expedition into Meghalaya in North East India.
Closer home, Jayesh spends considerable amount of time meeting people, researching itineraries, destinations, gear and techniques. With his penchant for details, he will not keep any stone unturned in a quest to offer the best itinerary and experience with Odati Adventures. He believes that everyone can participate in any outdoor activity so long as they are aware of all the hazards, limitations and pleasures.
Jayesh’s knowledge and assessment of terrain, sense of direction, ability to identify routes and obsession with gizmos comes in handy while walking in the wilderness. His patience, ability to connect with groups and keeping them together is his greatest strength while on trail.

Jayesh is an avid cyclist. Cycling is his first passion. While on the saddle he likes to lead from the front. He likes challenges on the road and keeps at it until completed. He has a cache of knowledge about cycles and cycling. Many seek his advise on cycling and its nuances.

Style of walking: Moderate speed but always with people. Can walk tirelessly for long distances in case required. Has the capability to quickly walk groups out of trouble in case of an emergency. Likes to reach early and explore or rest more.


Satish Radhakrishnan may have become a Team Odati member only in the recent years, yet he has been associated with us for past several years with respect to advise, leadership and content. Satish began trekking in the Sahyadris in 1993 and still continues to be active in this part of the country. He has been to Great Himalayan National Park (Himachal Pradesh) in 2006 and Winter Trek in the Chamba Region of Himachal Pradesh.

Satish is a valuable resource on treks and back in the office with his vast knowledge of Western Ghats, experience and organizing skills. He likes to take it slow and is always relaxed on the trail. He loves to take moments off, sit and soak in the vistas. He certainly manages to ease the pace of a group. But if you are around him, he will take you to the nooks and crannies of forts, forests and breathtaking views.

Satish prefers easier treks as according to him, these allow the time to contemplate, interact and relax in pristine conditions. He has this ability to soothe ruffled feathers, and strained nerves. Thus his slow pace and cool demeanor is a perfect foil for any newcomer riddled with several anxieties.

Like all trekkers, Satish is an avid music afficionado. From the first look, Satish looks like he is complete RD buff, but scratch beneath and he will break into heavy metal too.

Style of walking: Easy going pace, likes to walk in at the end of a trail, encouraging newcomers.


Jay Khuva Surrounded by servers, consoles, screens, CPUs, miles of cables, phones and epabxs' etc. makes Jay feel comfortable and for that is what he knows best! So thinks the outside world of him. A systems and hardware engineering background could not keep Jay Khuva into the comfortable confines of an air-conditioned system rooms. Beyond the jungle of this technology, Jay's real passion is the Wilderness and the Outdoors! Natural Ecosystem is what Jay loves more than the system he surrounds himself with and he would rather interpret nature for you and self than troubleshoot system issues!

A deep knowledge of the forests and wild life is just one of his strengths. However a "perpetual student" and an un-satiable greed for knowledge is what describes Jay the best.

After much soul searching and experimenting with various career likings, Jay joined Odati Adventures in the September of 2012. Adventure had always been on his Radar and he found his passion with Odati Adventures with whom he did have earlier associations. His goal was to find as much time for the outdoors and things he loved the most. Always seeking inputs of any form, Jay now spearheads the cycling initiatives for Odati Adventures PL. He loves being in the outdoors, with driving, photography, bird-watching, animal watching as his prime interest. This often makes Jay stop in the middle of nowhere only to look up into the sky and spot a tiny speck to identify it and share his joy with you.

Jay Khuva has visited many wild life sanctuaries in India and even worked with the wildlife trust in the past. He is a favourite at the cycle rides, connecting the past history of the City to the Current events and making it a story for you to remember.

Always calm and collected, Jay is a great decision maker and will always make you feel comfortable in his company, listening to and addressing all your queries with a smile. Jay is always looking to learn more about any environment he is presented and thus makes a great Adventure Companion. He can engage in great conversations and does not hesitate in sharing the slightest bit of information he possesses. Jay khuva is an avid birdwatcher and loves being compared to the the bird "Indian roller" aka "Blue Jay" as it used to be known in former times bearing his name.Just press button "bird" and he will not stop even when he has turned blue (His version of being "Blue Jay") talking about birds.

Style of Walking: Slow and observant, Jay always likes to walk with people, especially the inquisitive ones and part with his share of knowledge as well as discuss, argue and explain. He can pace through a group but prefers walking and watching amidst nature. 



Laldev Murmu is always smiling and that is how you will remember him. Laldev is an ‘A’ Grade in Advanced Mountaineering and ably assists and leads a lot of our ventures, especially when it comes to technical activities like Rappelling or Rock Climbing. Laldev’s short stature hides a lot of energy easily adjusting to any speeds while carrying heavy loads. He works tirelessly to keep everyone well served and in great spirits.
Laldev’s gusto, ability to make quick explorations and patience are his great strengths. His endearing boyish looks make him a favourite with kids as also with many whom he assists at the fag end of a group. He keeps the motivation high at the trailing end and on most climbs can quickly swing his pace to lead a pack. All this energy is derived from his practice and passion to be amongst the top marathon runners in India. He already runs in the elite category having won or finished tops at various half marathons and long distance runs.
Having Laldev around you means you will be treated to some delicious meals and all this without you noticing him prepare those for you.

His short stature is not to be taken for granted. Laldev likes to take on every outdoor sport and cycling is no exception. Laldev, with his stamina and strong legs levels can lead up and down mountain passes while on pedals. He can pace down to fix cycles and quickly zoom off to the front to lead the pack all in one go.

Style of walking: Extremely adaptable style of walking depending on the group strength. Matches his pace to the requirement of the trail. Can lead from front or even walk slow to help people who prefer an easy pace. Fast when alone but still prefers a steady gait with occasional tricks like tree climbing, hanging and short side trips to cliff edges.


Govind Katara has done his Basic (Sept 2006) as well as Advanced (Sept 2007 – “A” Grade) Mountaineering from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. Govind brings with him all the basic technical skills and is an asset during these activities. He has the ability to lead even in unknown quarters, can give you the confidence of completing a walk and lead you to its culmination with navigation abilities and decision making abilities.
A wiry framed Govind packs enthusiasm unbound and will stun you with his skill in the mountains. Be it finding a new trail, experimenting with a new canyon, climbing rocks or handling a nervous participant, he always comes on top with his own style of leadership. He is swift and his actions often go unnoticed on treks as he returns from small detours to explore the unknown and make them known to you.
Like Laldev, Govind too is an excellent cook and brings a homely flavour to meals-on-trek.

Govind with his good navigational skills is a real asset on cycling trips. He is quite adept at undertsanding the functioning of a bicycle and can match any cycling pace, to round-up a small group and see to it that every member is attended to.

Style of Walking: Govind always likes to lead from the front and is mostly uncomfortable at the back. He always wants to be ahead, making decisions for the group and assumes all the risks before heading you into it, most often coming with solutions that helps keep up the group morale. He is fast when alone and faster in like company at the same time slows himself when the need be.


Kapil Ranade is a law graduate and runs his own business. Kapil is trained in mountaineering having done his basic course from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) – Darjeeling with an “A” grade. Kapil has done many Himalayan treks and has lead our groups to the summit of Stok Kangri (6123Mtrs / 20088Ft) having reached the summit successfully twice (2002, 2003). In 2010 he scaled Mentok Kangri (6210Mtrs / 20370Ft). Kapil is trained in First-Aid from National Outdoors Leadership School.

It is his passion to explore outdoors and being with people that takes Kapil on many of our trips. An extremely good decision-maker and great presence of mind, is what makes him a great leader. Kapil is patient, able to think of quick solutions when in trouble and is physically strong too. Always ready to help on a trail he once walked barefoot for kilometres in Ladakh having traded his shoes for the comfort of a friend.

Style of walking: Fast when alone but always prefers to walk at the trailing end taking care of the slowest. Can walk alone in any condition if required. Likes to walk at an easy pace and enjoy the trail with others.


Prashant Patil is a relatively new entrant into the Odati Adventures family but a very old hand at the mountains. He works with the BARC and other than helping scientist there in reaching their goals, likes to explore the outdoors himself. Prashant has done his Basic Mountaineering Course from NIM.

He is a veteran at hiking having spent almost 16 Years trekking, climbing and leading expeditions into the Himalayas. His repertoire includes climbing 4 Unnamed Summits (3 x Lahaul Spiti -, Gyundi Valley all 19500+, 1 x Kumaon), attempting Nanda Kot, Jogin (CII) other than leading and participating in treks to EBC (with Kala Patthar x 3), Kuari Pass, Pindari Glacier, Kafni Glacier, Sundherdhunga with Pataki Pass and Milam Glacier.

Prashant has a rich experience of rock climbing in the Sahyadris with pinnacles like Sitecha Palna, Mahuli – Bhatoba, Vajir, Hadbichi Shendi, Shivneri Kadelot and Nanacha Angatha under his folds. Prashant mostly volunteers to lead our highly technical activities like Rock Climbing, Waterfall Rappelling, Advance Waterfall Rappelling, Canyoning as well as long pitches of Rappelling.

Style of walking: Prashant is an unfathomable packet of energy, mostly leading ahead of others to explore more and open routes. He will accompany you and help you with all your queries and difficulties. Always ready to know more and explore, he is truly a hunting spirit. Looking for newer destinations, excitement and on the forefront of exploring horizons is how we distinguish him. Easy to approach, patient with sound knowledge of Mountaineering, Rock Climbing and Outdoors alike are his strength. Being with him will always calm you down and give you that extra shot of confidence.


Navroz Balsara, the “quirky Bawa” has done his Basic Mountaineering from NIM (March 2000) with an “A” grade. He has been outdoors for 30yrs. Navroz has also been a National Level Judo player.
He has been on various high altitude treks including Milam Glacier, Dokrani Bamak, Valley Of Flowers, Vasundhara Falls, Pindari Glacier, Goecha La, etc. Navroz has walked various forts and trails in the Sahayadris as well.

His other passion is his bike and loves roaming the countryside on his favourite Enfield Bullet always tweaking its settings. He loves to ride long distances and has done a 4400Kms return journey from Mumbai to Kullu in 11days (2005) as also a bike trip in Bhutan returning back to Mumbai by road all the way from the NE frontier(2011).

Style of walking: Navroz prefers to walk very slowly, always accompanying the last few walkers. He enjoys every moment of isolation and peace while at the end and of the group never being pressurised to reach early. He loves to chat with the slower members and enjoy his photography trying not to miss the finer aspects of the walk.



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