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Odati (Sanskrit) (F): 1. Refreshing 2. The dawn The inspiration of this name comes from the freshness of the early morning sunrise. This is the high point of every outdoor experience; early rising! The air is crisp, horizon - green and clear, a cool wind blows, birds begin their chirp, sight of a marvellous sunrise and the early long shadows, all this makes your trip worth all the efforts, no matter how tired were you yesterday or how late did you sleep. The only carry forward is the smouldering smoke from last nightís campfire which offers you some quick warmth today.

Life always assumes a new meaning then.

Odati Adventures is committed to bring you unique and the best terrestrial ďadventure experiences" in India, without disturbing the fine natural balance between man and nature, building a strong sense of belonging with the wilderness, countryside, local customs, people AND return maximum value by making you a larger part of the outdoors. Odati Adventures also is committed to showcase India as an exciting adventure destination amongst Indians and inbound tourists alike.

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