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General Query

What is the difference between trekking and hiking?
What are the "dos & dont's" for the trek?
What is the best time of the year for trekking?
What should we carry in an emergency/survival kit?
Are there any specific techniques of walking in the wilderness? ?

History and Geography

What are the important tribes staying in the Sahyadris?
What is the prime produce of the Ghats? ?
How do we read the weather in case of emergencies? ?
What are the climatic factors governing the Ghat regions? ?
What is the topography of the Sahyadris?
What is the geographical constitution of the Sahyadris?
Why are the Ghats suitable for construction of forts?
What is the historical significance of the Western Ghats? ?
What constitutes the flora and fauna of the Sahyadris? ?
How does one set the trail while trekking? ?
What are the various ways to find directions in case of an emergency? ?
What does one do, if one loses the way on the trail? ?
How does one find water while on trail in the Sahyadris? ?

Medical Consideration

What is the minimum fitness needed to undertake a trek/hike? ?
What does one do to avoid dehydration? ?
What are the basic medicines required while walking in the wilderness? ?
What are the basic precautions against any injury/bites one needs to take while trekking/hiking? ?
What are the basic precautions against wild animals we may encounter on trail? ?
What does one do if attacked by a wild animal? Or if a snake bites? ?
What medical emergencies may one encounter while on a cross-country walk? ?
How does one obtain uncontaminated water? ?
Are there any special considerations for women/children/older people who wish to trek? ?

Gearing up and equipment

What are the 'Do's and Dont's' while going for a trek or hike?
Do's and Dont's while going for a trek or hike.?
What equipment is necessary while trekking long distances & cross-country walks?
How does one carry all the equipment? ?
How does one pack bags for maximum efficiency while walking?
What are the precautions one needs to take while carrying the equipment? ?
Where does one obtain equipment needed for trekking? ?
What kind of shoes should one wear for walking in the wild? ?
How does one select the appropriate site for setting camp? ?
What are the different features of a tent? ?
How does one pitch a tent? ?
How does one dismantle base? ?
What are the conservation concerns while setting base? ?
How does one build a campfire? ?


What are basic environment concerns while walking in the wilderness?
How does one undertake a trail keeping in mind minimum impact on environment?
How does one deal with fire/campfire?
How does one ensure minimum usage of natural resources?
How does one interact with the locals while on trail?
How does one choose a guide?
How do we tackle language and cultural barriers while interacting with locals? ?

Beginner's Query

Who can go trekking? What is the qualification required for trekking?
Where will we stay on treks and adventure trips?
Do we need to carry anything specific? In other words, what to bring & what not to bring?
How best can we enjoy the walk in the wilderness? ?
Are there any specific techniques of walking in the wilderness? ?
How often do we take a break while on trail?
Will we return back home after a trek or adventure activity on time?
Will we find toilets or loo while trekking?
How should we prepare ourselves for a trek or What is the basic preperation for trekking?
What will we eat while on a trek? What kind of food do I need to carry on a trek?
Is trekking safe? Can hiking/trekking be dangerous?
What about wild animals or snakes, scorpions or other insects on treks?
What if I hurt myself on trek?
What if we get lost?

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