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For some, it is the pleasure of long walks, for others it is the necessary break from the city grind and noise, for yet another group it is the necessary training for personal development or it could be pure soul searching. Trekking in the mountains is food for the soul. By this, we regain the lost connection within ourselves and with the universe at large; as a direct result recharge ourselves to continue mundane existence once again with renewed vigour. The gain of a friend along the hard trail is an added bonus. Yes-trekking is arduous, sometimes scary too; yet overcoming these challenges makes us humble and a force of nature rather than the selfish clod that we normally are. 

Success in activities such as Rock-climbing, rappelling allow us a pride that is very self-fulfilling. Nature is vast and we are puny nevertheless human intelligence can never be undermined and this is best proved by such outdoor based terrestrial adventure activities. To enable the uninitiated, as well as the regular adventure junkie to reap huge benefits intrinsic with nature around the mountains is the objective of Odati Adventures. We offer adventure companionship by being your guide and friend in such acts. Every individual who is in the corporate rut needs to balance work life with family and personal growth. The activity of cycling represents balance perfectly. Thus cycle tours are also an integral activity from the stables of Odati adventures. One needs to be in continuous motion to be balanced. A stop would mean imbalance. Keep your outdoor activities alive- stay tuned in with existence and universe. Bottom-line keep connect with us and we will ensure your engagement with nature at large regularly with a quality mix of various forms of activities all aimed at bringing a smile inside your individual being; a smile that can spread everywhere!
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