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Sridhar Iyer
Head - Risk Management, Consumer Credit Risk
Asia Pacific Risk

A testimony to the Odati Experience

Odati Adventures, Jayesh (its owner) and I have a very strong connection. I knew Jayesh much before Odati was born, I knew about Odati ever since it was born, but frankly, I knew so little about myself until Odati was born!

Odati Adventures is a Terrestrial Adventure Company with a large basket of offerings. Prominent among these ar....

Ramnik Chhabra
Associate Director & Head - Marketing
Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd

The first trek in my life was with Odati. And it happened to be a Himalayan trek to the Everest Base Camp. Kind of a tall order (pun unintended) for a first attempt! But Odati’s knowledge of terrain & equipment, handling of on-ground eventualities, expectation management and infectious enthusiasm ensured I completed my first trek successfully. Since then I have been hooked. From ....

Suhasini Ramakrishnan
Business Manager
IBM India

My first trek with Odati Adventures was a combination of activities including hiking, camping & gliding. As someone who had trekked before, I found Odati professional, capable and warm to interact as a group. I found it to be a 'group' where I never felt alone, yet felt free to be with myself, a family, and yet a lot of space for myself. There is always an undercurrent of homecoming when we....

Kedar Wagh
Kalpak Builders

I'm sooo lucky to have found you guys!!!!

Like when a desert crosser sees an oasis…..

Like when a sailor sees land……

Like a person in the rain finds shade……

Like a fan gets a free ticket to hear his band….

I have now realized how precious the first light of the day is.


Bipasha Majumder
Communications Officer
Leading I-NGO

Odati happened to me in 2000-01, at a time when I was restless, searching for that something and desperate to break free. I was part of Odati’s first trek to the Himalayas, a beautiful walk in green Sikkim….where I fell madly in love with the Mountains. That was just the beginning. Over the years, I have been to many of Odati’s Himalayan and Sahyadri treks. It didn’t ma....

Zenobia Driver
Escape Velocity

 I have been participating in outdoor activities with Odati since 2004 – both weekend activities in the Sahyadris and the longer Himalayan trips.

While I started going on treks for the chance to soak in some greenery without hearing the blaring of horns and to walk in the hills, other factors added to the enjoyment. The friendly and whacky Odati team made even th....

Sandesh S. Urval

I have been regularly participating in the outdoor activities conducted by Odati since 2006 be it Trekking (Himalayas & Sayhadris), Cycling  or Rock climbing. They have a great team and a wealth of experience (especially Jayesh!! You would be lucky to have him on your Trip). Safety and Technical expertise is given utmost priority, whilst still keeping the buzz and euphoria of adve....

Joseph Leahy
Mumbai Bureau Chief
Financial Times

I have done three cycling trips designed by Odati Adventures - two fully organised and catered for in Ladakh and one in Himachal in which they designed the route and left everything else to us. Jayesh has a talent for working out exactly what you want and designing a trip that fits it perfectly. He has a keen sense of adventure and an eye for the unique. Thanks to Jayesh, we were the first....

Chandrakant Kotian
Chartered Accountant

My first ever adventure with Odati was in and around 2002-2003 when I went for a trek in the Western Ghats. While I had gone on some amateur treks with friends earlier, this was the first time I was venturing on a professionally led trek. Have also gone for Rock climbing, Rappelling and waterfall rappelling with Odati (though I haven’t managed to go for the longer trips like Everest ....

Arvind Rayappa
Asst. Brand Manager
Procter and Gamble

When Jayesh first told us about the canyoning trip, we almost brushed it off. We'd gone waterfall rapelling with him before.. and this is just 2-3
waterfalls one after another, we thought. But 3 hrs into the first day and we realized we couldn't have been more wrong! Post a long car journey and a trek up the mountain, we finally got to the ledge where we caught the first glimse of t....

Sandeep Mathur
Associate Director
Barclays Corporate

" A friend of mine recommended Odati to me in 2006, for a Himalayan trek. After much scepticism i agreed to go along , and dare i say have never regretted my decision.
Post that have been on few more trips with odati , and each trip has bought its own unique experience and adventure. The thing i like about Odati is they have the right mix of professionalism and planning without dest....

Meera Joshi
Freelance Writer & Photographer

Many moons ago, having just landed in Mumbai and smitten by the lush monsoon coated Sahyadris began my search for a hiking group. A chance encounter with an outdoor enthusiast led me to Odati. Since then I’ve been an Odati regular- trekking in every season, in the Western  Ghats and in the Himalayas. So why Odati? Very simply passion for the outdoors, seeking out exciting trails....

Nandakishore Padmanabhan
Asscociate Director
Purva Organics


Have you?
Carried an empty water-bottle just to fill from the many cascades along the way and realised it was always half-full…

Have you?
Invited yourself over to a stranger’s house and ended up feeling more at home than back home…

Have you?

Mike Perry
Former Director of Bands
American School of Bombay
Bucharest, Romania

I cannot imagine surviving my years in Maximum City - Mumbai - without the wonderful adventures I enjoyed with Jayesh and the staff of Odati. Sometimes it was just a weekend away to bicycle through the foothills of the Western Ghats or to scramble up a mesa to seek out the ruins of an old Shivaji fort. Other times it was a week long adventure, like our Diwali trip to Nanda Devi, high in th....

Michele Ho
California US

My first taste of India's great outdoors has left me yearning for more! Friendly guides, Bianca and Govind, from Odati Adventures made sure we enjoyed our day trip to Karnala. If you are looking for some adventure outside of the city, Odati Adventures has a variety of experiences to choose from. I can't wait to visit India again and I will definitely plan my visit around one of their multi-day ....

Grace Teng
Digital Director
New York, US

"Odati Adventures is highly recommended. As a visitor from the US, I throughly enjoyed the opportunity to hike right outside of Mumbai.  It was great to see the vast green mountains and a treat to end the day with a waterfall. Our guides, Bianca and Govind, were wonderful - very fun, helpful, and organized,"


Shlok Kapoor
Vice President
Barclay's Capital

Ever since my first adventure with odati in 2007, when I went on the South Mumbai cycling trip, I was impressed by Jayesh and the Odati team's skills, enthusiasm, and knowledge for these outdoor adventures. That first trip led me to six more treks in the Sahyadris, two waterfall rappelling trips (including one with my entire office team), and a 2 day cycling trip. I was so inspired by the ....

Summer Starr
Executive Director
Reality Gives (NGO)
Colaba, Mumbai

The Ahupe Ghat trek was one of the most amazing outdoor experiences I have had..period... The natural beauty of the area is magical with rivers flowing into waterfalls, mist-covered rice paddy fields, and breathtaking valley views. When you combine this with the adventure of reaching the top of the Ghat, you have the perfect recipe for a memorable experience. The trail is quite steep, but shade....

Dr.Srinivas Rao & Rima Rao
Orthopedic Surgeon

This is to put on record the wonderful time we had with Jay on the South Mumbai Cycling tour. We started with a lot of doubt as we are not regular bicyclists. But, to our surprise, we could do it without getting tired and at a pace that we enjoyed. Jay was excellent in his knowledge. The amazing facts about the Mumbai buildings, seeing Mumbai wake up with whiff of the salty air and the sound of....

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