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Odati Adventures believes that the outdoors is for everyone to enjoy. It is a source of an off-beat experience and pleasure that involves only you and nature without any moderation from luxury. The physical effort of any outdoor activity is relaxing and de-stressing in itself. No matter what the physical state of a participant, as long as one is sure of taking the experience, any obstacle can be overcome and the satisfaction derived is immense and has a long-lasting effect on one’s mind.

We believe that, an “out of the comfort zone” experience is a real teacher and a great leveller. The outdoors has the ability to let people shed their inhibitions and display their real characters, as also helps each one discover their own strengths and weaknesses without much interference from outside influences. Most time spent in the outdoors offers an excellent chance to keep away professional concerns, dust off day-to-day worries and insulate oneself to introspect. We believe that such time is not only a necessity but also memorable.

It is our effort to not compromise this principle when considering taking to the wilderness. Be it a weekend break, extreme excitement or even forms of training, having fun is the underlying principle without which no outdoor experience is complete.

Safety Assurance

Risk is inherent in any outdoor activity, but safety is prime. Safety for us is being aware of the dangers, learn more about the variables, assess the unforeseen events, reduce the risk elements, limit the exposure through smart design of programmes and be prepared for the unexpected. 

While we propagate the idea of outdoor experience as an essential and effective to learn, we do not do so without continuously preparing ourselves to meet the challenges of the outdoors. It is our effort to be a step ahead in organizing ourselves for programmes and to eliminate any scope of misadventure.

Best practices we follow are: having sound knowledge of a location, prior assessment of the terrain, employing capable manpower and disseminating correct knowledge to all before start of any outdoor programme.

Odati Adventures deploys the best gear and experienced guides. Our experts are able to quickly assess changing conditions and advise on further actions to meet such challenges. They are appropriately geared for tricky situations and obstacles, if any. Appropriate instructions along with control are offered at critical junctures to ensure complete safety during such activities. We take pride in the fact that we have an absolutely impeccable record of safety with our clients.

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