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Dry grass sways in response to the wind's call to play. It is the winds turn as it kicks up a small whirl blowing dust into your eyes and rushes to get the grass. It passes over the wild countryside but you cannot see the tactic complete as the arena is everything that lies between these hills. You pick the pedals fast and try to chase the wind. Before long it is gone. This game is not over as the next gust comes behind you and nails the grass right in front of you. You want to stop and watch this tackle, instead you choose to push the pedals at leisure and watch the happenings.

Somebody behind has stopped; waiting for minor repairs or adjustments, you take the excuse and park underneath a thick large tree enjoying the silence while your bonk car arrives to assist you. You reject the thought of giving-up, accepting only the juice or orange concentrate. It may be a little hot if it's the afternoon and you already dream of the evening sessions. The air will be cooler and the sun will try to kiss the horizon. A mild breeze will kick up due to the hot ground and cooler sea far away and you will want that cool to pass through your hair.
Behind, another car has pulled by the side to rest a cyclist, we understand that you may not cycle all of the 30-40Kms at a stretch and have a bonk car at the end of the file of the cyclists. However if you are up to it, you may well pedal throughout the day.
We stop at a local dhaba or prepare lunch with the provisions we are carrying. This is the time to rest and relax. Late afternoon we pick the cycles again and pedal into the evening, watching the sun set in front of our eyes. Pedalling in the night under the gleam of the moon is a magical experience.  The uphill may be trying but you enjoy every bit of that experience. We soon look for a camping spot and settle down for a hot meal, some campfire and a cozy sleep in the tents and sleeping bags.
Most certainly you will enjoy every bit of what is on offer and may even get hooked to the idea. You turn around and ask; hey which is a good bike to buy?!


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