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Rappelling is a technique used by rock-climbers to descend large cliffs and verticals in the fastest and the easiest manner. Also called abseiling in some countries, rappelling is now considered an independent adventure sport.

Derieved from a french word "rappel" which means "to recall"; "rappelling" signifies the retrieving of the rope by pulling it through the anchor after the climber has reached the bottom of the rope. In Europe the technique is called Abseiling, which comes from a German word "abseilen" meaning "to rope down".

Unlike climbing where you ascend up a route from the bottom, rappelling makes use of the rope to take you downward. So unlike in climbing where you ensure safety  by attaching your rope to different points to break fall if any, in rappelling you are completely dependent on the anchor at the top. This makes the anchoring system at top very significant. as your life depends on it.

When the surface being rappelled is dry, the process is labelled "Dry Rappelling". During monsoons, the flow of waterfall along these surfaces makes this entire adventure even more exciting and is today extremely popular as "Waterfall Rappelling". This is classified as "Wet Rappelling". 

Odati Adventures organises short and long rappelling trips regularly round the year.  In the winter-summer months it is dry rappelling while during the monsoon & pre-winter time Odati Adventures conduct waterfall rappelling and canyoning activity. Canyoning is a higher form and a more thrilling version of waterfall rappelling. There are 1 or 2 day dedicated rappelling trips to choose from along with combined programmes on extended weekends.

Odati Adventures deploys the best equipment available for all its technical activities and has an impeccable record in conducting activities that need a very high standard of safety, attention and management.

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