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Waterfalls always inspire the mind to take an extreme step. They motivate us to move closer to nature. What is it in a waterfall that makes look up to its origin though it crashes down with a heavy cloud of mist below you?

Flowing waters not only influence our mind, but also influence nature in carving a unique signature on a green canvas. Water wins a battle in clearing pathways along streams, playing hide & seek with the foliage covers; land wins as it manages to crash water into a spray, breaking into a rainbow as the sun adds its rays. Either ways result is colourful.

Waterfalls jump over cliffs, twist & turn along curves tempering rock & boulders to smoothness; are joined by their sibling streams & falls to gather a force to reckon with. This force is what challenges our mind. True adventure lies in taking the waterfalls journey, from top to bottom.

Monsoon is heavy in the hills of Western India. The Ghats form a barricade that obstructs the progress of rains over the Deccan Plateau, in the process draining much of the precipitation over the slopes. This is best experienced at places like Malshej Ghat. A spectacle unfolds here as the wet months approach. Hundreds of waterfalls streak down the steep slopes. Pure beauty it is but this intimidates you. We believe that intimidation breeds challenge. We accepted this challenge slowly, learning our lessons & finally standing in front of the mighty canyon to run down the same. Now we invite you to run the Canyon & participate in once in a lifetime experience.

Wikipedia defines Canyoning as follows:
Canyoning (known as canyoneering in the U.S.) is travelling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and/or swimming.

Although hiking down a canyon that is non-technical (canyon hiking) is often referred to as canyoneering, the terms canyoning & canyoneering are more often associated with technical descents — those that require rappels (abseils) & ropework, technical climbing or down-climbing, technical jumps, and/or technical swims.
Canyoning is frequently done in remote & rugged settings & often requires navigational, route-finding & other wilderness travel skills.

If you read further on the site, there is not enough mention of Canyoning in India & we plan to get India on the map.

With our rich experience of over 8 years in waterfall rappelling of various grades, we felt the urge to push our limits as also waited for the right opportunity to offer extreme adventure. We believe that anyone who has been waterfall rappelling with us & understands its nuances, is ready to experience the ultimate. The region we have chosen for Canyoning is hidden in the Western Ghats about 140Kms from Mumbai. The region demands extreme caution & a calculated approach. We ensure that we do not take the terrain & nature for granted & respect its idiosyncrasies by not challenging it in its fury. Our experience with Waterfall Rappelling comes in handy here.

Beautiful & isolated is the only way one can describe the location where we take you for Canyoning. Deep into the forest of the Western Ghats, as we disembark for our tryst with nature, hearts begin to pound & stomachs crunch. These are signs of true adventure in store. Harnesses, helmets, equipment on, we make way into the forests sometimes trampling on virgin grass. It is obvious that very few city folks ever set foot on such pristine land. The way is steep & our canyon is visible only partly. This adds to the suspense. After a walk for about an hour, we stand atop the waterfall, we can spot the thin black line of bitumen snaking in between the green. We are almost 700Ft above it. The ropes are soon set up & a sequence declared.

As you prepare your descent, adrenaline pumps & you may almost feel your heart jump. However with all the help you will need, you soon take to the ropes & disappear in between a water curtain. The vertical walls display a different character with a carpet of pink & white flowers smiling at you, rock features that only expose to the courageous, mind-boggling views of mountains & greens around, tropical rainforest at its best. With calls of encouragement egging you, you smoothly touch down, to only know that there are more such abseils, hikes, water slides, pools awaiting you. A trained leader takes you through all the terrains & you are excited with the thought that it just does not get over with one rappel.

 you are completely exhausted of having all the fun by the end of the day when you exit the canyon only to wait for the next day to take on some bigger challenges; abseiling down waterfalls that have now merged with other streams; water force that we were preparing you for. More excitement awaits you… but for now we will leave that to your imagination.

Please remember that Canyoning is a demanding activity that requires you to walk at length, rappel down long stretches of waterfalls, staying in a wet environment for hours. Participants are expected to be active & their help is not only desirable but the involvement makes the activity fun. Due to various factors like water volumes, slow participants, system & abseil set-ups, exposure to cold, etc. the activity can extend beyond expected or declared timelines often. Be prepared for the unexpected, like any other firm of real adventure

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