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Standing on the edge of a cliff, the world below looks a different place, a bird’s eye view. The tiny villages, snaking roads and the smoking fields look simply great; the neighbouring cliffs imposing. You have done that many a times. The valley below has always challenged you. Many a times you felt like taking a plunge, free your mind and hang-out in a place so isolated that nothing else matters.

But you feel different today. You have come here to test if you have the mettle to go down the vertical. You are all harnessed up and now face the challenge of walking the void. You have to trust the 10mm rope to hold you. Take a couple steps backwards and then panic. The instructor repeats the instructions one last time and you try to relax, but still edgy. This alternates till you go beyond the sight of the instructor and then all by yourself. From here on you may have a direct conversation with nature till you touchdown. The rope holds you secure and the safety rope assures you. You now want to scream.
Rappelling is the technique of descending a rope by using friction to safely control the rate of descent. It involves deployment of certain Rock Climbing gear; proper handling of the gear ensures an activity filled with fun and excitement. 
Odati Adventures provides ample opportunity for you to rappel down more than once on your trip with us and get a grip on the skill needed to rappel down. Instructions given are clear, complete and thorough. Cheers follow your successful completion that make you feel on top of the world. Yes, rappelling can be very thrilling! 

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