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The summits of Nanda Devi stand out tall and beautiful at the heart of Uttaranchal. Known as the ‘bliss-giving’ goddess as it shields the icy wind of the Tibetan plateau from laying the Gangetic plains barren, the Nanda Devi is the second highest peak in India. The striking twin peaks stand in the middle of an entire range of mountains higher than 6000m. The lowest depression in this region is as high as 5200m further guarded by the extremely formidable gorge of the Rishiganga in the west. Converted into a National Park and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the few wilderness sites which are left veritably untouched by humans. Till a few years ago, entry to this reserve was completely banned.

While the unknown, untouched Nanda Devi National Park forms one core zone of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, the other interesting but extremely popular core zone of the reserve is the Valley of Flowers, an ecological wonder.

Keeping with the uniqueness of the region, our treks inside these two core zones of the biosphere are just as different. Our treks into the NDNP will take you close to the proud and aloof peaks of Nanda Devi and to the valley filled with an exquisite carpet of flowers; but through routes which are just as remote and unique as region itself. What you will then experience in these pockets of nature’s wonder is divinity itself and know for a fact that Uttarakhand (as it was renamed in 2007 after state was formed in year 2000) is truly blessed.

When one delves into reading books on Himalayas, one will notice several popular authors have authored book on this region. Whether it is The "Nanda Devi Affair  & Mountain Delight" by Bill Aitkin or "Beautiful Garwahal" by Ruskin Bond or "The Valley Of Flowers" by Frank Smythe-all these best-sellers are inspired by this wonderful region of Uttarakhand. 


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