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 "I have a dream and my dream is to see places mystical and magical; just like I read about them in fairy tales". Historically all explorations, discoveries and invasions by humankind, have been based on this premise and we are no different. For us urban dwellers, the act of experiencing new and remote places and their cultures, always remains elusive and distant. We usually put it off for the future. You grow, circumstances change and reasons galore; Childhood - you are driven by your parents' dreams; Youth - it's study time or i not have the money; Early Adulthood - I am busy with work, Mid Adulthood - I have responsibilities, It could be dangerous etc". Late Adulthood - I am too unfit to do it; etc. You miss the bus to see that faraway dreamland. Even as your dream pulls you in one direction, your career & social priorities remain at loggerheads and you move away to another road. The fixation to the idea of travel to unknown destinations nevertheless continues to exist. Jeep Safaris are an ideal beginning to scratch that itch of travel without getting overtly worried or feeling lost.

The mysterious and magical lands world around beckons you. You have grown up hearing several stories that play its part to enthuse you. It could be fairy tales, it could be Tintin's Adventures, or the stories of Mahabharata calling you to the Himalayas, or it could be the Tales of Arabian seas that urge you to explore desert lands. Whatever the reason, a Jeep Safari seems to be the best bet to explore these lands safely. Pack your bags, hurl them in the boot and get carefree! Throw caution to the winds and surge ahead! Yes - when you sign up for a jeep safari such wild imagination vividly crosses your mind. It is time to break free and let loose for a while. The totally gay abandon with which you ran as a child, no objective in mind except the pure pleasure of running helter - skelter, erupts and makes you want to  jump into that jeep right away! Take a long drive to loosen up and see the landscape change every second, every minute as you move far away from that regular humdrum of existence. 
A jeep tour can bring you close to that elusive peace and quiet to commune with nature. With the right season and weather, you may see majestic snow peaks shimmer against a startling blue sky, or wide flat expanses of grasslands or sands that invite you to write your own story with it! Visions of serene lake amidst picture perfect surrounding (complete with flowers, mountains, birds etc), makes you forget all the fatigue of reaching that place. In fact the destination just becomes a point on the map. The journey rules your mind! You know heart of heart it was worth all the negotiations with your work and family for that well deserved break.
Motoring holiday allows you the latitude to travel as you wish (though this is of limited use). The greatest advantage is the flexibility to stop and go go at your own will. You also have the opportunity to explore impromptu! Every place has a vibrant mosaic of culture, traditions, geography and having the jeep allows you to adjust your schedule according to your likes. Even occasional unscheduled halts are a joy and remembrances. Stopping to allow that big herd of livestock to cross the road or even a breakdown of a truck ahead causing long jams give that opportunity to walk, chat, make acquaintances, photograph, sip a tea or just at the greenery around and understand how all elements exist in harmony. 
Years of training of being cautious and careful in urban civilization may have taken its toll on you. It then takes an association with the right operator whom you can trust implicitly to allow these wild thoughts to surface. While you certainly are game for the drive you definitely do not want to be taken for a ride. Whether they are high mountains passes of Ladakh or the long and winding journeys into Lahaul-Spiti valley, Chamba, Rishikesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim or even journeys in peninsular India, a Jeep Safari with Odati Adventure's will help you realize your dream journeys and destinations. 
Even a Jeep Safari in remote India is a challenge. One has to remain patient and alert. You need a partner who can explain the land, help you adjust to ever changing environments, help you make friends and provide the right information at the right time to make you feel at home wherever you go. Thus itinerary design needs careful research so as to factor various constraints including the several small aspects that a new traveler may fail to recognize. There is little cause for worry, when trained and informed professionals take you to your dream destinations. 
Odati Adventures with more than a 13 years of experience of adventure, travel and research is your true partner and your friend on such journeys. We believe in a scientific approach to travel planning and invest a lot of time to spread awareness amongst patrons. We acknowledges that you may be new to the land,  and will help you be prepared for the road by discussing with you what to expect, when is the best time, and how to prepare. Our careful planning helps smoothen several uncertainties that may trouble long journeys. Nature can be a spoilsport and can throw your best laid plans to ground. However travel with Odati Adventures, ensures suitable responses to such sudden changes with swift and sound decisions that allow you to continue that carefree abandon. Meet new faces, explore new lands and enjoy your jeep ride - leave all the hassles of travel to Odati Adventures!
For your specific need of jeep safari elsewhere in the world, Odati Adventures can provide you with their expertise in planning and thorough research to help you not waste your precious time and pinpoint the ideal route that will not tire you out and make you tingling with anticipation for the ride. You will only come back asking for more! 
 "What you've done becomes the judge of what you're going to do - especially in other people's minds. When you're traveling, you are what you are right there and then. People don't have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road." - William Least Heat Moon.

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