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Did you know that India at one time was the largest manufacturer of bicycles.Until lately rural India predominantly moved on bicycles, not just for individuals, but families as well. Even today metros like New Delhi and Kolkata  have cycle rickshaws - a non-polluting and inexpensive form of public transport facility that manouvre well in the old sections of the city. 

Cycling takes us back to the school days, racing in the streets, zipping through crowds, skidding and bruising knees and elbows, our first experiment to ride without holding the handlebars. Cycling has always been an expression of freedom. Remember the first time you set out on those pedals and wanted to explore more of your surroundings? You wanted to go beyond your building compound, into the neighbourhood park, on the busy streets, to your friends home; but somewhere in the act of growing up, got caught in the tangle of commitments, jobs, stress and almost forgot about freedom. Here is your chance to pick lost strands.

Odati Adventures has a decade of experience running cycle trips within Mumbai, outside Mumbai and even in the Himalayas. 


Mumbai City Rides

Early morning atmosphere on a sunday in the fort area is very lazy, laidback and calm. You cannot but notice the beautiful splashes of the architecture around. The CST, Rajabai Towers,and several other such monuments are attractive with a lot of history behind it. Yet when we pass through them hurriedly in our pursuit of worldly happiness during regular days, we neglect to notice them. It takes the unhurried pace of a sunday cyle ride when traffic in this part of the City is unbelievably sparse to rediscover the charms of the amazing heritage Mumbai city possess. Odati Adventures addresses this very gap by providing you with an idyllic way to spend your sunday morning with the "South Mumbai Cycle" ride. You can get nostalgic with pedalling on a cycle while we ensure that your ride is smooth & also peppered with several titbits on the city that can make your eyes grow in wonder. A breakfast at a Irani Joint, another story while we have our chai with brun maska offers the right refreshment before we pedal again. For those of us who wanted to relive childhood days and not worry about getting tired in the process, this ride is just made for you. It can provide you with right motivation to begin repedalling again and maybe go for longer rides.City cycle rides that Odati Adventures run also include "North Mumbai Cycle" ride. This ride offers the pleasure of pure long ride with the wind whipping your face and the sea breeze taking you on a new high. 

You return home from the Mumbai cycle ride with the sweet smile and an unconscious question- "When did the time fly-by, where did I leave that self of mine behind? Looking back…..u might want to do it just one more time


Weekend Cycling & Cycling Tours

The dry tarmac that stretches into the countryside invites you to explore it with carefree abandon! You can imagine a lone figure pedalling on the empty roads; hands stretched out occassionally waving to passserby kids, wind blowing into the hair, long shadows chasing and young girls return a giggle and you will automatically return the smile and a blissful feeling of being free.

You begin cycling in the fresh hours of the day. The afternoon will be time to relax and replenish your energies. After a good rest the trail continues in the evening hours to take you as far as you could on your own strength.

If you want more and ready to go overnight, action continues in the evening as you prepare your meals under a sky full of stars. If you have picked fresh vegetable and catch from the market, it may even call for a small barbecue. The exhaustion makes you slip into deep sleep till you wake up at the first calls of the birds. You set off for the next destination to meet more challenges and people.

In case you are sapped of your energy and wish to relax, you may just jump into the support van and drive while the others pedal.

Probably the next best thing that happened after the invention of the wheel….a set pedals to a set of wheels, voila…..a worthy nobel award winning invention. 


Odati Adventures deploys the best equipment available for its cycling activities and has an impeccable record in conducting activities that need a very high standard of safety, attention and management. We provide you with cycles and all the support for such a trip and ensure that your connection with nature is a fulfilling experience.


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