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If life has given us the drudgery and the daily endless chaos of city living, then nature in all its bounty has given us thousands of options for recharging that very mundane life. Thundering waterfalls, a mist cover mountain top, green paddy fields, a brilliant star packed sky and a chill in the night air. No, we are not talking about the Himalayas here but our very own Sahyadris(Hills within Maharashtra state are popularly referred to as Sahyadris) – stretching within an arm’s distant from the city to our neighbouring state Karnataka and beyond – bringing along with it an amazing range of adventure options to choose from.

Following the trails of Shivaji’s warriors, the mountains of the Sahyadris are filled with medieval forts, ancient caves and temples. Each discovery is more amazing than the next. You will be left awestruck at the incredible skills of the people who build forts and temples at such treacherous heights. If not that then the beautiful view of the whole range at sunset will make you completely forget about your city life. If winter gives you balmy days and crisp cold nights, then the monsoon paints the Ghats with a resplendent green and floating mist. We have treks for all season and even more….

Let us take you on an easy trek to Manekgad on a mellow winter morning or spend a cold night under the stars at Visapur. We will take you to the caves of Hadsar where we cook our own food under simple candle lights or to a narrow mountain pass at Nane Ghat where the wind will simply blow you off your feet. Trek with us to the beautiful Ahupe on a rain-soaked monsoon weekend crossing refreshing streams and quaint villages along the way. And if you are still looking for the ultimate challenge, we will take you to the treacherous Harishchandragadh on a wet monsoon day or a moonlit winter night.

If you don’t want to trek hard, then join us as we walk through some forests and many golden paddy fields in the villages near Murbad, or treat casually around foothills of Malshej or Pali, tp roaring monsoon waterfall in Karjat, go on a long expedition along the Konkan coast, camp and cook near the banks of a river or simply spend a lazy afternoon enjoying the breeze and watch the world go past you through a village courtyard..

Our weekends are full of action and full in life. Take a break and explore your life with us. 

Trekking In Goa
Mention Goa and the first image that flashes on everyone’s mind are of “Sea & Beaches”.  In India it is as if this is the only choice available for the best coastal affair. In fact it eludes most minds that the hills of Western Ghats also run inside the state of Goa. Thus when we talk about “Adventure in Goa” all forms of aquatic adventure is Numero Uno. Whether it is simple kayaking, sailing, or deep sea scuba diving all such aquatic sports gain the maximum attention here. What is also now becoming very popular especially amongst the local youths is bird watching, cycling and jungle adventure. Trekking per se is a very poor cousin of all other forms of adventure here. Unlike elsewhere (where trekking is linked usually with walks up a mountain), offers of trekking here is mostly connoted to the beach walks from one beach to another or to walks in thick forests. 
Nevertheless, the opportunity to trek on hills is still an available option within the state of Goa thanks to the Western Ghats . For representing the Western Ghats, Goa is the smallest state. Most of the hills dominates the Eastern part with the highest point being 1034 mtrs (3392 Feet) at Sonsagar. Thus Eastern Goa is the ideal hub for hill trekking. Trekking is mainly concentrated in the region of Mollem (Central East Goa), Sanguem (South East Goa) or Valpoi region (North East Goa). Very close and bordering with Karnataka state with a thick forest cover, some of the lovely treks here can take you from Goa to Karnataka.
One of the most popular trek in Goa state is the Dudhsagar Falls trek. Since this is also close to border with Karnataka state the approach to this place can also be from the Karnataka end. Popular trekking spots in the state of Goa can include:
Region: Mollem 
Dudhsagar Trek (Via Collen-Castle Rock & Kuveshi)
Region Sanguem
Chandrsurya Temple inside the Netravali Wild life Sanctuary
Region Valpoi
Krishnapur Canyon and Vagheri Hills (close to Chorla Ghat)

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