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To the Mumbaites, it’s known as Town. Others have drawn parallel and loosely termed it ‘Manhattan of Mumbai’. It’s also the most historic part of the city. But how many of you really looked up to admire the sculpture of Flora Fountain while dashing past it on your way to the station or know that the Fountain is considered the ‘Milestone 0km’ for Mumbai?

Thousands of people pass through the gates of Victoria Terminus everyday including perhaps you. But did you know that this Gothic revival style architecture took 10 years to build and resembles St Pancras station in London? Or that the St Thomas Church at the beautiful Horniman’s Circle was the first church to be built in the city?

You have always experienced the chaos, traffic, sea of people, road side vendors, street food and the regular hustle-bustle of everyday office life here. But on Sunday mornings when the offices are closed, the whole area turns magical. The slanting morning sun lightens up parts of these ancient buildings and then you can see the exquisitely carved sculpture of progress on the dome of the VT or the tiger at its entrance, which you had never noticed before. There’s silence everywhere, not a soul present in the lanes and by-lanes of “Town” and you can hear the quiet rustling of the trees around. A hearty breakfast at a corner Irani joint and you will know that time never really had moved forward here.

Our city cycling trips around Town will let you experience this and much more. You will know facts and history of your favourite city which will make you see the city in a new light. Add to that the morning breeze from the sea and a long quiet ride on empty roads….and you will come back totally re-charged for yet another week of hectic office life.

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