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This is a land of myriad facets.

Topography - Ranging from the semi-arid foothills of the mountains, to the mid-Himalayan range of the strong Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal and to the trans-Himalayan range in Spiti, Lahual and Kinnaur.

Geographic – In the villages of upper Himalayan region, children still play with toys made of pre-historic sea fossils which proves the existence of the Tethys Sea exactly where the Himalayas stand now.

Cultural – Each valley in this region has its separate cultural identity – Chamba, Kangra, Kulu, Lahaul, Kinnaur and Spiti – which they have aggressively preserved over the years.

Mythological – It is said that once Shiva came down near Manikaran to rest under a cannabis tree. He tasted its leaves and was so impressed that he endorsed the tree. Now connoisseurs from across the world agree that the best cannabis is found only in this region.

Ecological – The Great Himalayan National Park, a fragile ecological zone is home to some amazing flora and fauna including the Indian Black/ Brown Bear, the brilliant state bird, Monal and the rare Western Tragopan.

All these put together against the backdrop of pristine natural beauty forms the enchanting state of Himachal Pradesh. Our treks weave in all this to create a whole new experience for you. Following the Tirthan River to Bhiundari, a retreat of the Pandavas during exile, we will take you right to its source in Hans Kund, a glacial lake still untouched by humans. Or across the high snow-bound pass of the Pin Parbati glacier to the remote valley of the Gaddi Shepards in Bara Bangal. Rugged mountains, forests, wildlife, nomadic tribes, high altitude passes, glacial lakes, gushing river and lush meadows filled with exquisite flowers, Himachal Pradesh will take you on a sensory overdrive and leave you bewitched for life.

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