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Do you remember the fairy tale stories of enchanted forests we had heard and read as kids? A forest, of the darkest shade of green where each leaf shone like emerald, where the river sparkled like gold when the sun shone on it through tiny gaps in the leaves and the water tasted so sweet it was almost like nectar? Such a forest does exist - not in a fairy tale but in a tiny region at the base of the third highest mountain, the mighty Khanchendzonga.

Sikkim, though tiny, is a place which is straight out of a picture postcard. The wide river valley surrounded by a mossy green landscape sometimes open up to cardamom and millet cultivations dotted with tiny bamboo huts. And in the distant stands the awe-inspiring, ever watchful and strikingly beautiful Khanchendzonga against a clear azure sky. The reverence for nature by its people shows up in the myths and stories associated with various lakes and mountains in the region.

Our treks here will take you through these tranquil lakes, past monasteries, on trails lined with pink and red rhododendron blooms, through quaint villages of these graceful and hospitable people and to the very base of the revered Khanchendzonga (Goecha La) and the striking Kabur range.

After the trek, when you walk past the tiny villages in the night….you will see the valley floor and the sky sparkling with hundreds of lights. In the darkness when the horizon blurs, it seems as if the stars from the sky have fallen down on the valley below. That’s when you will know that you are actually and truly in a fairy land.

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