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It has always been our endeavour to go beyond the ordinary… to explore the un-explored, to create paths which others will follow. Our inspiration is the beautiful world of Mountains and the Himalayas occupying a special place of its own. Our passion to experience these majestic snow-peaks has led us to explore its spectacularly different vistas – from the hauntingly beautiful moonscape of Ladakh, the rugged terrain of Lahaul-Spiti in Himachal, the gentle slopes and greenery of Sikkim to the mystical beauty of Arunachal Pradesh.

Our maiden trek to Arunachal Pradesh in 2006 with only a few trekkers has been one of the most extra-ordinary experiences of our lifetimes. Arun-achal, or the Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains, is one of the least known yet the most beautiful regions of the Himalayas. Due to its current political scenario and far flung distance from the rest of India, this Himalayan paradise has been left virtually untouched by trekkers and travellers alike…..which is the only reason why we chose to explore it and bring it to you yet again.

Nature seems to have chosen this state as it’s favourite and endowed it with exceedingly beautiful (sometimes chocolate-fudge like) mountain-scapes, diverse forests, wildlife which cannot be found elsewhere in the world and a tribal culture still existing on forest land as they did hundreds of years ago. Our itinerary takes into account all this to create yet another magical experience for you.

Little is known of Arunachal’s early history, though the earliest mentions of this region can be found in Kalika Purana and Mahabharat. Known as the Prabhu Mountains in the Puranas, this is the place where sage Parashuram atoned his sin, sage Vyasa meditated, King Bhismaka found his kingdom and Lord Krishna married Rukmini. Though tribal groups from Tibet migrated to this region during pre-historic period, written history of the region is available only after the 16th century in the Ahom Chronicles. The British called this region NEFA or North East Frontier Agency and governed this place till 1948. They have mentioned of tribes who ate uncooked food because they did not yet know about the discovery of fire.

Arunachal has been in the news mainly due to political issues with China. The ongoing dispute’s history can be traced back to the period after the Chinese Revolution in 1911. When the last Chinese dynasty, the Qing Dynasty fell and the emperor resigned, Mongolia and Tibet declared themselves as independent entities and sought international approval. However, the Han Chinese Republicans started a war to get Tibet and Mongolia under their rule. In 1914 British administrator, Sir Henry McMahon, drew the 550 miles McMahon Line as the border between India and China in a conference held in Shimla. This was disputed by the Chinese who saw Arunachal as a part of the Tibet Autonomous Region. In 1962, the Chinese army crossed this line and marched deeper and deeper up to Tawang and Se La. Lack of man-power, infrastructure and bad war planning led to India’s defeat in this Sino-Indian war.

In 1963, China agreed to withdraw from the territory and also hand over the prisoners of war.  Arunachal was declared a Union Territory in 1972 and then a full fledged state in 1987. However, China after acquiring Tibet, now has again shifted its attention back to Arunachal Pradesh and wants to gain the territories till Tawang to get the final strangle hold over Tibet.

Travellers are not allowed in the state without a permit and lots of areas are still out of bounds for us. Despite the restrictions, we have an exciting itinerary which is as unusual as the place itself.

We will traverse along historic routes visiting sites of Sino-India war and Dalai Lama’s escape path to India, visit or even stay at beautiful and isolated monasteries, live with the tribal at their village and eat local food cooked by them.  We will walk through thick jungles teeming with the richest of flora and fauna, trek through the most magical and isolated landscapes passing un-named peaks and untouched glacial lakes and camp under millions of dazzling stars – a place where you will know true solitude, a place so far away from your everyday city life and so mystical that you will never want to return. 

Exotic, exquisite, mystical and breathtaking….Arunachal Pradesh is all of these and much more. Situated in the remotest corner of the country, Arunachal remains the most spectacular and enigmatic regions of the Himalayas. Nature seems to have chosen this state as her favourite and showered it with all its bounty. 

Isolated and silent, the land of Arunachal is packed with a mind-boggling variety of flora and fauna most of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is home to 500 species of birds, 142 species of butterflies, 200 species of moths, more than 600 species of orchids, snow and clouded leopards, red pandas and some of the deadliest snakes on earth. Add to this its exceedingly beautiful mountain-scape, remote glacial lakes, cloud covered valleys, beautiful handicrafts, tribals who still exist on forest land, enchanting monasteries, the first rays of the rising sun and an all encompassing solitude….Arunachal is a truly magical experience.

Soon to be lost???

War of 1962 & the Legend of Se La, Jaswantgarh and Bum La.

Land of 1000 lakes

Un-explored Arunachal – there will still be a lot left to see!

Join us on our journeys of discovery to this extra-ordinary place and an experience of a lifetime. It will take you back into another world, another time…from where you will not want to return.





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