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Our Motto – Don’t Visit, Explore!

  • We have an extremely contagious passion for what we do - practice pure adventure.
  • Our schedules are scientifically planned taking into account season, weather, geology, topography, natural phenomenon (astronomical and bilogical) and cultural events, onslaught of general tourists, etc.
  • We make no compromise on the quality of services - arrangements often are elaborate adding extra cost to our tours. We go into every trip understanding that you are looking for newer experiences getting to the destination and back! This includes travel arrangement, meals, equipment and guidance.
  • We use small private transport to reach destinations so that you are fresh to take on an adventure and return back home in time. This also gives opportunity to stop by any interesting place and soak in a view or a local flavor.
  • We are always on a hunt for newer locations and conduct reconnaissance trips very regularly. We are always arguing internally on how we can make sure our clients get to experience the many locations we keep discovering.


Small Group Adventure

  • For the majority of our trips, we take a maximum of 12 like-minded participants. This makes you feel less like traveling in a company and more like a bunch of friends. In our experience a large group gets fragmented easily and dilutes the overall experience on a trip.
  • Smaller group also give you time to interact with others as also be flexible when it comes to quick variations.


Adventure Companionship

  • Each of our trained staff is encouraged to be a friend. You will find them to be pleasant and easygoing, addressing all your queries regards adventure or otherwise as they walk alongside you.
  • We maintain a Client – Companion ratio of 8:1. This ensures that you are well taken care of and get enough time to interact with each person in the group.
  • Since our groups are profiled well, you will never be left alone. There is always someone to walk with you. This does not mean that you will not get time out with nature alone. Otherwise, you will get great company to share a great moment!
  • Lady adventurers need not worry about company either. The average Male to Female ratio on our groups has been 60:40. Even when alone, women have found themselves to be very comfortable on our trips, long or short!
  • We encourage all our participants and staff alike to help in regular trip chores making it an activity to remember, fulfilling a true wilderness experience while creating memories.
  • We are sure that you not only take home cherished memories but also valuable friends whom you will be in touch with outside of adventure trips.



  • We maintain an impeccable track record of the safe return of our clients. However we encourage you to make all the queries regarding safety and will be happy address each of those repeatedly.
  • All outdoor activities are inherently dangerous and we insist on safety norms for your benefit and spend on the best and certified equipment and maintaining its condition or replace worn out with alacrity.
  • All our staff are experienced, trained in First Aid Course as well as have successfully completed mountaineering courses.
  • All adventure activities are bound to vagaries of nature and we may advise & occasionally insist against a fulfillment of activity that may have been deemed dangerous due to local conditions.
  • We provide our clients with all the equipment, gear and accessories they may be needed on a trip thus saving them the trouble of carrying too much weight or worrying about accessories at the last minute.



  • When you call us, you speak to a well-traveled individual. Our small team offers you first-hand knowledge and answer all your queries regarding the trip you are interested in, whether you’d like to know how we will reach our destination or simply what’s on the breakfast menu.
  • In fact, when enquiring about a Himalayan trip, we always insist on meeting you in person to make acquaintance, understand your requirement, experiences, anxieties and have a more personalized discussion. It's not always necessary that we will sell you what you want to buy, but find the best fit for you.

We insist on Environmental Codes & Conduct on all our trips and follow all local customs and traditions wherever we go.

Does all this smell of a Premium Service… Of course it does! But more than the services, we value your time spent with us and would like to make the best of it while keeping it well-grounded, true to wilderness experience and a time for all of us to remember!

Still have a doubt? You may do either of these…

  1. Call us and ask for more.
  2. Read our testimonials -  we will be glad to share information about our valuable friends who have written them.
  3. Go somewhere else and try it! We are sure you will come back to us.

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